Stack Bat Power

The Stack Bat Power, is an overload bat that can be both knob loaded or barrel loaded. The bat by itself is a -3 bat (i.e. 33in/30oz) and comes standard with 3 x 2oz weights that can be stacked up to 6oz or to about 20% over the game weight of your bat. With the purchase of additional weights, you can stack up to 8oz on the barrel end or 12oz on the knob.


Each bat is made from maple wood and specially coated with a resin to make them break and crack resistant. These are safe to use with regular baseballs and heavy plyo balls up to 16oz. off of tee work, side toss, and front toss. Not reccomended for use with overhand batting practice, pitching machines, or live game pitching.

Stack Bat Power

Game Bat Length
Bat Grip +$10
  • **When in stock bats take about a week (5 business days) for delivery. If not in stock, its about 2-3 weeks for turn around**


    For delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and International please contact us for shipping at

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