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Custom STAK Bat Power/Speed Combo

Customize your set of the STAK Bat overload/underload system!


The STAK Bat Overload /Underload Bat Speed system is the best way to increase and maintain bat speed in your swing! Increase your bat speed, swing strength, exit velocity and power with the StackBat Overload / Under Load system!


Each bat is made from pro grade yellow birch wood to give the bat more "flex" while having the durability of maple. They are also steel compressed and wrapped with carbon fiber sleeving for extra durability. These are safe to use with regular baseballs and heavy sand filled plyo balls up to 16oz. off of tee work, side toss, and front toss. Not to be used with regular baseballs for overhand batting practice, pitching machines, or live game pitching.

Custom STAK Bat Power/Speed Combo

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  • Each system comes with 1 Power Bat (overload) and one Speed Bat (underload). Each bat also come with 3 x 2oz weights (6 weights total). It also comes with an in season / off season workout program and instructional video.


    We highly recommend purchasing a bat speed radar to train with and measure your progress. There are several on the market to choose from. One that we reccomend is:


    Swing Radar -

  • Custom orders take 2-4 weeks for turn around

    For delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and International please contact us for shipping at

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