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ExploSwing sessions

At ExploSwing  we believe in having sound repeatable mechanics in order to be a successful hitter.  While there are absolutes in every good swing, we don't believe in a "cookie cutter" approach. Everyone processes information and learns differently. At ExploSwing we search for what works best for each individual. 

At ExploSwing  we also put an emphasis on developing an explosive swing, increasing both bat speed and power. Lifting weights and developing overall strength will help to increase bat speed and power, but that is just one part of the equation. In order to maximize speed and power in the swing you need to train the swing itself. Through the use of overload/under load weights, resistance bands, counterbalance weights, video analysis and statistical analysis, the ExploSwing system can show any baseball or softball player how to add and maintain bat speed and power in their swing. We track each player's progress by tracking several metrics including: bat speed, exit velocity and power testing.

In ExploSwing  hitting sessions we cover:

  • Swing mechanics

  • Developing a sound hitting approach in game situations

  • Hitting the off speed pitch

  • Pitch recognition

  • Bat Speed Development

  • Power Development

  • Video analysis.

  • Statistical Analysis

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