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Q:  How old should my son or daughter be to begin ExploSwing Hitting or ExplosSwing Power sessions?


A:  There is no age minimum for hitting sessions. It mostly depends on when your son or daughter is ready and interested in learning about how to swing properly. Ideally for ExploSwing power sessions we like to see the students be at least 12. More importantly than the age is the understanding of the swing itself. Power sessions put more of a focus on training the swing to be explosive and are quite taxing by nature. Therefore, there is a limited focus on the swings mechanics. Typically age 12 is the earliest kids will have a pretty good grasp on the mechanics. This doesn't mean it can't happen earlier with good instruction, but just what is typical.


Q:  Do I have to take hitting lessons through ExploSwing to participate in ExploSwing Power sessions?


A:  The simple answer is no. ExploSwing is not the only place to learn how to hit. Although it does make it easier to stay on the same page with the student to take both hitting and power lessons with ExploSwing.


Q: How often should my son or daughter take ExploSwing Hitting or ExploSwing Power sessions?


A: The answer depends more on what level you are at. The professional athlete shoulld hit daily with incorporating power sessions in 3 times per week. For the amateur athlete one session of hitting and power each week is a good place to start, with individual work in between sessions. However after building up endurance and strength, increasing to 2 or 3 sessions per week would be ideal.


Q: Will ExploSwing Power sessions turn my son or daughter into a "power hitter"?


A: ExploSwing Power will increase bat speed and power in the swing but will not necessarily turn an athlete into a "power hitter". Other factors come into play with whether or not someone is a "power hitter", such as body type or athletic ability.

Q: How quickly can I expect to see results from the ExploSwing Power sessions?

A: It varies from athlete to athlete but typically you can expect to see and feel results immediately from ExploSwing Power sessions.

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